Thursday, November 12, 2009

Birthday Wish List...

muahahahaa! my bday is here again in less than 1 month. and as usual, i'll dream of my wishlist which it never got fulfilled before at all.

but no harm to dream once in a while, no? :P

on top of my list now is, i actually wish that there is someone who is willing to clear my card debts. hahahaha! :P
which will never happen, i know. like i said. i saja wan to mimpi.

wish list #1

Nintendo DSi Official Webbie

this is by far something that i really want now. and even i have my own money, im torn between white and pink.

DSi comes with camera! and there so many functions to play with the camera. to name a few, there is normal lens, distortion lens, color pad lens, mischief lens, merge lens, frame lens... etc.

Wish list #2

Hello Kitty shaped Handphone

cute rite cute rite? but i heard that it lags. but hey... for RM450, what kinda hoo-hah operating system u want? but what my colleague said is true la. being a gadget freak, this piece is like rubbish to us. hooookayyyy... but is really damn cute!

Wish list #3

Customised Necklace/Bracelet

i actually wanna order this myself but i really dont know what to choose for fonts la, name la, design la... i even got hard time deciding bracelet or necklace cos both oso look very nice! shall i put michelle? so simply hor? or spiderlily? or frozendream? or... whatelse?

Wish list #4

Blackberry Curve 8520

oh fuckingliciously fantastic, no? :P
ok. i have yet to do some research on this but im totally dying for it.

and above... all oni can dreammmmmmmmmmmm...

oh. initially, i wanted psp GO also, but then... bah... the review is so damn bad about it. and how the fuck to download a bloody 1gb game in m'sia which the shitty connection? goodnesssss...

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