Saturday, October 10, 2009


although once i reached at the age of 21, i do have the excited feeling that i can finally go to clubs legally. i can finally go in to casino. but, i do not have to urge to try every single table in the casino. and from the beginning until now, i only play slots.

and now i know why...

the other day i was curious, what was the days that we can buy 4d. so i asked my aunt. yea. i am such a newbie until that extend. my aunt told me the days (which i forgotten alre) and at the same time told me not to buy.

she told me that our family was rich back then at my grandpa generation and my mom's generation. a car? can just be bought with just a snap on fingers.

until my grandpa is old and the business need to pass down to his son, his 1st son wanted to continue his studies so his 1st son refuse to take over. hence, the business was handed to his 2nd son.

i guess i dont need to say much in between what happened. the business went bankrupt. my grandpa, died.

and now i know why my whole family is really really against gambling. even CNY, we only play like what? 50 cents? rm1? ok la. early this year we upgrade a bit, played rm2. that's all. and we only play blackjack. i always hear people playing rm10 rm50 rm100... playing chor dai dee, mahjong. games that need to paid according points.

people always tell me 'oh this yr i won this this much'. i'm really not thrilled about it. i won slots in genting. yea. i was happy. but i wont have the urge to go on for more.

so now, i understand why...

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ha? i dont understand