Sunday, September 6, 2009

two highlights...

after so long not updating my blog. i only have 2 highlights...

sigh... my life is getting boring i guess...

initially on the 30th, was suppose to go directly to big cow's hse to sleep over after my work but didnt manage to so ended up working OT then headed home to sleep.

then we planned what to do at nite. 1st they said they... er.
they = big cow and water dog
they wanna put on make up la, wanna go have a drink. but at the end big cow texted me saying that the make up and go for drinks part is canceled cos lazy alre. =.=
but i put it anyways cos very long never make up alre. and hiao ma.. hehe...

after got ready, headed to fetch big cow and water dog. we headed to kuchai lama to get our dinner. 100c. yes. it is 100c. not cc!

100c is a shabu shabu restaurant which serves steamboat. diff flavour of soups...

then they realised i was having make up on. and turned on their butt itchiness and they wanna make up and go have drink.

so after dinner, sent them back to make up. =.=
but we still have to head to their place cos water dog got appoinment at Omerta.

after water dog settled with her appoinment and big cow settled with her make up, we headed to Brussel at Jaya One.

had some drinks and crap and laughed like mad. everyone left and our table is like the last 2nd i think. we decided to leave. sent water dog home cos she was tired like mad. and as usual, me and big cow went to hunt for food. :P

arrived at alor but after going one round, big cow was attacked with head ache. so, balik rumahhh~

Car Wash
yea. even a car wash is an eventful highlight for me. can u imagine that? i am THAT boring these days.

i sent my car for a car wash and went shopping. and i shop like... i didnt even look at prices. was in speedy, was at a shoe shop, was in mph, was at elianto... the damage... go figure. :P

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