Saturday, September 19, 2009

Old love...

i found something that i used to be madly in love with... take note ah. it is something. not someone... hrm... actually, can be someone oso. hehe... i'm compiling details about it.


Sagittarius + Ox

Finally! I found the merge of both! It's in FB. I cant seem to find at those random zodiac pages where u can actually add both signs and come out with the summary...

The Sagittarius/Ox
Wealth and social status come to these stalwart souls. They know how to use all of their talents to focus on a single goal. They are not so driven as they are determined and stubborn. Yes. Stubborn as an Ox. Short on patience with romantic folly.

Oxen can really accomplish a lot in life. But Sagittarius/Oxen can do more. These folks are super charged bulldozer people. They are both fiery and placid. They are eloquent fast talkers too. They are direct, humanistic, openhanded and strong. What's more, Sagittarians born in Ox years are ambitious for power, influence, control and prestige. They don't despise money, either. What's most surprising about the Sagittarian/Ox is his or her perseverance. This creature gloms onto a project and sticks with it - against all odds - until the job is done. Not very tolerant of slug-a-beds or lazies, this person will be a demanding boss who routinely accomplished more than any employee. There is little this character cannot do. When young, the Sag/Ox is often busy flitting about seeking a life partner. He or she will have a firm idea of the type he or she needs to make him happy. Once he settles with a partner for life, this character paints a lusty sexual picture, complete with gadgetry.

Positive Traits

Negative Traits

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Falling sick...

i think im gonna fall sick soon...
my head is now spinning like tornado...
my forehead is warm...
and i got sore throat...

sickness aside...
i think i found a new hobby... :)
will post about it soon... cos i dont have the completed project...

The room...

... is now an empty room... a room for me to get away from everything and hide myself in it...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Small Cow = Blur Cow

yea... the blur cow is at it again.

i wanted to make my payment for my hotel as baby is coming again *yay!*

so when i reached for my bag, trying to look for my wallet... it's not there! i searched high and low at home and in my car. and even PM'ed my colleague in MSN to check for me in office. but. apparently... nowhere to be seen. sighs...

eLLehciM says:
kit kittttt
Entp-Kit says:
eLLehciM says:
can u check
on my desk
everywhere on my desk
got my wallet?
pink in color.
i think i lost it
Entp-Kit says:
eLLehciM says:
the left side on the file got or not
Entp-Kit says:
no woh
eLLehciM says:
fuck lorhhh
Entp-Kit says:
u left it in the car?
eLLehciM says:
going to check now
Entp-Kit says:
eLLehciM says:
dont have
Entp-Kit says:
then i dont know
u been to anywhere ?
eLLehciM says:
cant remember
Entp-Kit says:
eLLehciM says:
the only time i bring out my wallet is in the office
to pay that hotel...
Entp-Kit says:
in the hotel ?
eLLehciM says:
no no
online booking
Entp-Kit says:
later i ask kakak got pick up wallet or not
cause i dont think many ppl pass ur place xept me tass cheryl or kakak
unless u drop it when u pay parking
eLLehciM says:
refreshing memory... 8th, 5am i pay hotel. but card rejected... ystd morning, i bring out wallet and key in again... but that was at home...
hilang at home??
Entp-Kit says:
what about parking
eLLehciM says:
after ystd i dont remember bringing out my wallet anymore
cos usually all my rm1 is at the front compartment of my bag
Entp-Kit says:
then i dontk now
eLLehciM says:
ok... u r definitely gonna slap me....
it was slipped and... it.. was... underneath... my.....
Entp-Kit says:
**here he enters rows of slapping emoticon...**

eLLehciM says:
i very blur
i know
Entp-Kit says:
tomorrow i working night with u and azhar
tomorrow night only kick u

yep... i am THAT blur.

big cow, dont call me small cow anymore. call me blur cow pls.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

McCurry vs McDonalds

i was just checking my hotmail and when i log out, i saw this article... interesting...

Source here

Malaysia's 'McCurry' beats McDonald's in trademark saga

Malaysia's highest court ruled Tuesday against US fast food giant McDonald's, which has waged an eight-year battle to prevent local eatery "McCurry" from using the prefix "Mc" in its name.

"It is the end of the road for McDonald's. McCurry can use the prefix," said lawyer Sri Dev Nair who represented the family-owned restaurant, which serves up Malaysian favourites like tandoori chicken and fish masala.

"McCurry and McDonald's are two different businesses which sell different types of food and they have different customers," he said, rejecting McDonald's claim that the use of "Mc" in its name could cause confusion.

In April, McCurry scored a David-and-Goliath victory when the appeals court overturned a 2006 high court decision that McCurry had illegally infringed on the burger chain's trademark.

McDonald's on Tuesday sought permission from the federal court to contest the appeals court decision, but judges denied the application and said the burger chain's petition was "not properly framed".

"It is unfortunate we have to dismiss the application with costs," said Judge Arifin Zakaria, who headed the three-member panel. Costs amounted to 10,000 ringgit (2,845 US dollars).

"Justice has been served. The food that we serve is very different from McDonald's," said McCurry owner Kanaeges Suppiah.

"We have no similarities with them at all. That's what we have felt all this while and that's why we could go on until this stage," she told reporters.

McDonald's counsel declined to comment, saying they had to brief their client first.

"We abide by the court's decision," lawyer Wong Sai Fong said.

The McCurry restaurant, which the owners say is short for Malaysian Chicken Curry Restaurant, was established in 1999. McDonald's has 185 outlets in Malaysia, the first of which it opened in 1982.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

One year...

today officially marks the 1st yr im in this company. and im actually very proud of myself. 1st job that lasted me 1 year and still keeping it going...

before i found this job, i was constantly hopping job due to childish reasons. i love this job for certain reasons. i love the environment here and the people here. politics here... is not as bad. and i have yet to get myself into any. thank god for that. despite friction happens once in a while. but interaction between 2 people will never be perfect. there must be some misunderstanding and bitchiness in us. well, a lovely couple can have arguments, why not colleagues? :)

the environment here is great. in the sense that, you look forward to come to work. u r free to do as u wish as long as u get your job done, follow the process and dont make customer pissed. unlimited coffee! and biscuits! there this particular biscuit i love and kakak will always tease me to finish that bucket of biscuits. =.=

the people here. well, most of them that is. there's this... family feeling like. this is what i call working like a family. there is complaints here and there about each other's team. but cmon, which working place do not have complaints?

the working time. everybody knows. more like... most of us... are not morning person. this job, i do not always need to work morning shift! yea, afternoon and midnite shift really sometimes made u a person with no life. but hey... u love ur job, u wont mind.

up till this date, i do not have any intention to leave. although from the day i started working here, i see a lot of colleagues leaving one by one. even the recent incident that happened to me in office, a few people asked me to leave as it is not worth it to fight some more here. it didnt cross my mind to leave. although i am very disappointed, but i didnt wanna leave. why leave when there is so many good reasons to stay but just one incident upsets me?

Sunday, September 6, 2009


If you are Sagittarius:
You are truly romantic. You are very trustworthy. You tend to get sentimental and feel very bad if someone breaks your trust. You enjoy a great rapport wit...h the opposite sex. Acting mushy comes naturally to you. You are very active and adventurous in your romantic quests. Commitment is a feared word for you. You take time to commit. You do not get too possessive. You love fun and excitement in your relationships. You love to flirt with the opposite sex. You like your independence and want space in your relationships.

Your kissing style:
You are an impulsive kisser. Your deeply passionate kisses are remembered forever.

To attract you, the opposite sex must be:
encouraging, adventurous, stylish, witty, romantic, etc.

You are more compatible with - Gemini, Aries, Leo, Aquarius
You are less compatible with -Cancer, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn


obviously i was fascinated with what xiaxue good at. blinging.

hence... i started blinging my stuffs...

yep... thats my car key... my cig box... and my phone strap...

i bought another cig box for big cow months back. and that day at brussel, i asked big cow, "u sure u dun wanna bling it ah? i can do it for u. it looked so boring leh"...

and i can see the crow flew by...

water dog was inspecting her camera on how to bling it...

i think it was the next day, big cow texted me that she bought the blings alre. :D

and the next thing i know...

water dog bling'ed hers alre...

big cow, dont worry. i'll be gentle with your cig box...

two highlights...

after so long not updating my blog. i only have 2 highlights...

sigh... my life is getting boring i guess...

initially on the 30th, was suppose to go directly to big cow's hse to sleep over after my work but didnt manage to so ended up working OT then headed home to sleep.

then we planned what to do at nite. 1st they said they... er.
they = big cow and water dog
they wanna put on make up la, wanna go have a drink. but at the end big cow texted me saying that the make up and go for drinks part is canceled cos lazy alre. =.=
but i put it anyways cos very long never make up alre. and hiao ma.. hehe...

after got ready, headed to fetch big cow and water dog. we headed to kuchai lama to get our dinner. 100c. yes. it is 100c. not cc!

100c is a shabu shabu restaurant which serves steamboat. diff flavour of soups...

then they realised i was having make up on. and turned on their butt itchiness and they wanna make up and go have drink.

so after dinner, sent them back to make up. =.=
but we still have to head to their place cos water dog got appoinment at Omerta.

after water dog settled with her appoinment and big cow settled with her make up, we headed to Brussel at Jaya One.

had some drinks and crap and laughed like mad. everyone left and our table is like the last 2nd i think. we decided to leave. sent water dog home cos she was tired like mad. and as usual, me and big cow went to hunt for food. :P

arrived at alor but after going one round, big cow was attacked with head ache. so, balik rumahhh~

Car Wash
yea. even a car wash is an eventful highlight for me. can u imagine that? i am THAT boring these days.

i sent my car for a car wash and went shopping. and i shop like... i didnt even look at prices. was in speedy, was at a shoe shop, was in mph, was at elianto... the damage... go figure. :P