Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Proposal

was suppose to go for movie with bigcow but didnt make it. then suppose to take dinner with aunt and grandma, but i canceled... cos... i went and watch the proposal...

was rather random. i was already thinking to finish work, pack my stuff and head home and pinkpurpledollar (PPD) suddenly asked for zanmai. which she was craving for quite some time i believe... and out of random, we asked wendi33 wanna tag along or not.

i was quite tired due to a lady's monthly routine...

after work, headed to 1u. and met with ppd first... we decided to sit at zanmai while waiting for wendi33. dinner went well and talked and laugh a lot. luckily it didnt turned out awkward like how usual 1st time meet ups. :D

after dinner, we went for movies.

the movie was great. it was really funny and laughed alllllll the way. but the ending was quite predictable. blergh... hate predictable movies. definitely adding in my dvd collections so that when i'm upset, i can watch this. :P

after movies, we parted ways...

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