Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Its about my work…

We consist of a few teams…
AU Team
HK Team
SG Team
Billing Team (is also consist of diff teams like AU, SG, HK)
Enterprise Team

I myself is proudly in the Enterprise team. Bcos our team remains as a team. Any difficulties, we come in and talk and solve it within ourselves. We do not need to drag our CCVP in the picture.
We have this meeting with our CCVP batch by batch. I wasn’t in today’s batch. My batch was weeks ago., with nothing much to talk about because, we accept as the way it is.
Unfortunately, today’s meeting, my teammate went. One guy from one of the teams have to cheeks to ask my teammate :-
Him : Ei… why everytime I see Enterprise team so stress wan ah?
TeamMate : When u receive a call, how many people you have to report to?
Him : Erm.. Team Leader, some times Team Manager
TM : OK. We got Sales, Service Managers, Account Managers, Escalation Manager, Team Manager, Team Leader.
Him : Oh. Wow… so many. Aiya. But SM(Service Managed) accounts a few only wan ma.
TM : Oh? Come and see our SM list, den u’ll know.

Why wanna compare? Different teams has their different scenarios. Compare what?

Then in the meeting…

They were emphasizing on the permanent mid nite shifts getting paid more but what they are doing is nothing cos less calls are at nite. Which is pretty much true. Other teams when they do not have calls or email (do they handle emails too?), they either watch DVD on their PC, or, sleep, or, surfing, or… sleep. But Enterprise team keeps quiet. It’s your life. Your job. And… we’re not bitches who bitch around other teams’ stuffs. And yet, they still have midnite shift allowance which is much higher than normal shift allowance. They wont have that much calls at night cos it’s their customer’s night time as well. That’s ok. I understand. But that is within your team wat, rite?

BUT! THIS is what pisses me off the most…

BUT! They said why ENTERPRISE team has 3 person for midnite shifts but other teams got 1 only. When my colleague told me, I was dumbfounded. Wtf? How can u compare like that?! So when that guy asked this, my colleague went… “oh. As far as I’m concerned, you guys only have one language to support which is respectively, English for AU, Cantonese for HK and perhaps English and Mandarin for SG. And also according to respective country only. Whereby we are servicing customers from around the globe. We support English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, sometimes even Bahasa Malaysia and some times some unknown language” *smiles*

And... the CCVP agrees...

They shut up straight.

Please… if u guys wanna kill among urselves in your own team, please. Go ahead. We wont bother. If u think our team is relaxing and having 3 person for midnite shift is a good thing, by all means, please. Request from your team leader or your team manager you wanna join Enterprise team. We welcome you with a huge big hug!

Seriously, you wanna compare with other teams. I got nothing to say cos what u guys supporting are pretty much the same products? I don’t know. But one thing for sure I know is that you guys only serve one country. ONE. And all u need is to report to your team leader or team manager. That simple, rite? And u have the chances of having first call resolution! But for enterprise team, we serve all countries. And the process is a nightmare. Any step u missed, u’ll get it from all parties that u’re reporting to. And u must be thinking, ‘aiya. Steps only ma. Easy job wat.’
We are required to update customer every hour. Other than updating customer, we need to send sms to the relevant person in charge. Emails, we need to cc them as well. Remember… it is every hour. And bare in mind. It’s not just one customer. There are a few, and not forgetting there are emails coming in that u need to reply within 1 hour. It’s our SLA. If never meet SLA, company rugi money la. And then, we still need to answer calls leh. Answer calls meaning, create more ticket.
and this is just minor part of the process.
and we DO NOT have first call resolution. If u consider customer unable to provide their account number is first call resolution, den ok. We got. Other than that. We DO NOT have first call resolution.

OK la. U guys must be thinking, ‘eh. Easy job ma’. Well… easy said than done.

**785 words only? i'll complain more next time. need to get back to work**

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ren pi ren, chi si ren :P

i think they should do a transfer so that you all will do their job and they all do your job so that you all will understand each other better :P