Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mystery of the misplaced shorts...

Apparently, my off day didn’t really turn out to be what I have planned. Hehe…

I woke up at about 12pm. Cos the night before I was ‘kan jeong-ing’ chasing TVB drama until 6am. :P
After dilly dally getting ready to go out, I arrived at Subang Airport Immigration office about 1pm. And it took less than 5 minutes to collect my passport. 9 hours lining up that day to get my passport done and only less than 5 minutes to collect it. Wonderful. Left right away I got it and headed towards Summit USJ.

This is the 1st time being early for my facial appointment which was at 2pm. Usually I'll be late like... 15 mins? Initially, I wanted to do eyelash extension as well with facial. But the younger sister is not in. so, I did embroidery instead for my eye brow. :D Everything ended at 6.40pm. 4 freaking hours and 40 minutes. :D So… I canceled gym.

I lurve pampering myself.

On the way wanting to go The Curve alone cos I wanted to buy something. I called Big Cow see if she wanna go or not. N then, yada yada yada… we ended up having dinner at NZX.

When I arrived home, planning to go sleep right away I clean up. Grandma starts to nag again. My light pink sleeping shorts mysteriously gone missing. Did I left it in the hotel in Genting ah? or Concorde? >.< If I really left my shorts there, den die la. This nagging is gonna last forever. I definitely left my hanger at Concorde. Oh... Just in case why am I mentioning about shorts and hanger, my grandma nags non-stop about my missing shorts and hanger. Sighsssss... And the words she's showering me with is not pleasant... at all.

So, I locked myself in my comp room till 2am.


Once I arrived in the office, the responses I got :-
Kit : Whoa, Michelle… So early…
Giap : Whoa Michelle… why so early?
YW : Eh… Michelle, u work midnite shift ah?

Yea… after weeks of working afternoon shift, and now suddenly to morning shift. Everyone was surprised cos I told everyone before I DO NOT wan to do morning shift. But unfortunately, no one wanna change shift with me. T_T Anyhowsssss… I can go home early. Muahahahahaa!

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abbie san said...

woi.. now morning shift dy ar?? then can meet up lor.!ritee?? hehehehe.. anyways, what 25 days to go ar?!