Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Tickets..

... are boiling soup today.


i think it is because of the new email system.

previously, we were assigned by hour. let's say from 1pm to 3pm X will do email, then from 3pm to 6 pm, B will do email.

but now, it is assigned equally. well, i wont say equally, cos when u clear ur mailbox fast, then ur email will go to u fast lor.

so, with the previous assignment, after the hours of doing emails, we will be able to have time to go through the tickets and follow up.

but now... with emails coming in everytime u clear it, where got time to go through tickets?

mmm... i can smell the aroma of the soup alre.

1 comment:

Big Cow said...

as LM told me, some ppl are taking their own sweet time to clear the emails so that new emails wont come in :D