Wednesday, May 13, 2009

oh happy day~

I was on MC yesterday due to massive cramp because of my stupid auntie visiting me. I called in to let my team leader know im on MC. And she was fine with it. And I thought it was ok. So I took my rest.

today, when I came in, I was welcomed by my team leader with a letter. i… kinda freaked out. I tot it’s a warning letter, or worst, termination letter.

I opened the envelope slowly.

I got bonus! Although it is not much. But still. After all these years in work force, it is my 1st time getting bonus! :D

surprisingly today is really a great day eh…

prepare myself to work. Arriving work with a letter which says I got bonus. Talked to big cow and I tot she was angry at me but she’s not. -_-“ no huge issue all day long while working. And the ticket numbers dropped! Oh my…

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