Friday, May 15, 2009

Nokia 5800

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present you, my latest gadget.

Nokia 5800 :D

Sometimes I thought, I must be mad. Really really mad. The day before I bought this phone, I was working midnite shift. And I thought I wanna get a phone, and also a phone for my aunt as she was complaining about her phone is giving her problems.

So after work, I went for breakfast at McD’s with my colleague who was working midnite shift with me. After I sent her home, without thinking much, I drove to Sunway Pyramid. It just suddenly struck me to get a damn new phone for myself and my aunt. It was about 10am. On my way there, I called my aunt and ask her to meet me in Sunway Pyramid IMMEDIATELY. She was still sleeping and thought I was mad. Hehe…

Anyhow… I arrived there 1st and roamed around the gadgets area. At first I was torn between SE G705 and Nokia 5800. SE because, I didn’t really used an SE phone before and I kinda like the design. 5800 because… it’s 5800! :P

My aunt arrived about 11am. Almost 12. We sat there with the sales guy, Patrick. He is a funny dude.

After talking and blow water and bullshitting and deciding and at the end, I manage to get my phone for RM1300 Ori set. :D

At the same time, my aunt chose her phone as well, SE W705. She always liked SE phones.

I picked the blue one. He said red ones sold out already. Sighs... But blue oso nice eh? :D

I’ve been using it for almost 2 weeks now. And so far it did not give me any problems. And the battery is surprisingly lasting. Taking pictures are not that bad. I don’t really depend on its camera anyways as I always carry around my Ixus 70. The touch screen sensitivity is superb. Much better than HTC and other PDA phones I must say. Oh… and the speed detecting for the GPS signal is freaking fast. So so much faster than HTC (I was working in HTC service centre so I meddle around HTC phones a lot back then). No problems at all for me to text while driving (kids, don’t do this ya? :P )

I <3 my Nokia 5800


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loveisgreat said...

this is my dream phone eh, but at last i go for cheaper phone cos i cant afford it. hope u enjoy it. :)