Monday, May 4, 2009

Me? Karaoke? Haha!!

U guys wont believe this. Definitely wont. I’ve marked my own history yesterday. 1st time in my life. I was singing in karaoke. Yes. It was my 1st time. And it was quite random tho…

after I got up from bed at about 6pm (I was working midnite shift). I took my own sweet time to prepare myself and then head off to fetch big cow. And then we headed to NZX for dinner. And… this time, it was me who over ordered. But but… all the food are all so tempting! *saliva dripping*. Anyways. I didn’t get any pictures bcos we were too busy eating. Will go another round with pictures to post it up. Oh… did I mention the restaurant is 100 C? yea. It is 100 C… nice… nicee. Niceeee! And I think it is halal. Cos we don’t see any pork dishes. :P

I was enjoying listening to the Chinese songs playing in the restaurant, and out of a sudden, I said to big cow, “eh… wanna go sing k ah?”. Before the fire of singing in karaoke dim off… I quickly sent big cow to withdraw her money and off we go to Sunway Pyramid’s Red Box. :D

It was about 10pm. And we sang until 3am. :P

no problem for me as I start work at 12.30pm. but kesian big cow… she starts work in the morning. :D

oh oh… something to share…

this is taken using my new phone.

clear eh?

will blog about my new phone soon. :P

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