Monday, April 27, 2009

WOOD OX Astrology

Jan 25, 1925 to Feb 12, 1926
Feb 20, 1985 to Feb 8, 1986

People who come under wood ox astrology are put on a higher pedestal than other people. Born geniuses these people are bright and brilliant. Along with their charming personality they are also quite stubborn and short tempered. Wood ox people have many times been mentors and people tend to look up to them. These people also have a great sense of humor and challenge everyone’s tickling buds. They have a strong moral code and believe in ethics and integrity in life. Wood oxen people are also very practical but the finances are not very stable, as they tend to lend money to friends quite often. People under this Chinese sign are very good with relationships. They always sit down and talk their differences over and don’t let misunderstandings crop between them.

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