Wednesday, April 22, 2009


one of the kapak just broke up. being in a lesbian drama, we wont know if they're able to patch back or not. but the reason of breaking up is... stability.

what is stability? what is your defination of stability? how can we consider it as stable in stability?

it really depends on how you see things i guess. and depends what u want in life. you could probably have :-

relationship stability
financial stability
life stability
emotion stability
career stability
etc... you name it.

there's so many types of stability and of cos, nothing is perfect. we cant have it all. we cant...

the question, is it important? if it is, will you help your partner to achieve the desired stability? or you rather leave because you cant find the thing you're looking for?

come to think about it, i should kill myself cos i'm not stable in anything...

relationship stability... i cant find it or feel it, so i leave it...
financial stability... i dont have any cos i splurge like there's no tmrw.
life stability... i dont think my life is stable. cos all my other stuffs are not stable.
emotion stability... well. that explains why i slit isnt it?
career stability... strugles... im still forcing myself to stay put in this company.

see... everything oso not stable. :(

but i know one thing for sure tho. u need lots of time and patience to build that certain stability you want to achieve. the question now is, are you willing to put in time, patience and effort to achieve it?

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