Sunday, April 5, 2009


It’s been a crazy week.

have been hanging out with bunch of monkeys. And it was fun. LoL…

Monday they had dinner in Cheras which I didn’t go cos I went out with Big Cow for KLCC :D
Tuesday we went Enigma for drinks bcos of Khian’s false alarm >:(
Wednesday we went for movie. The International. and most of us slept :P
Thursday went Studio X for dinner and decided to go Scarlet and got pissed drunk :D
Friday, after Scarlet, we went to mamak to sober up @.@
Saturday morning went breaky at Cheras. Mmmm~ Dimsum…! :P~
Sunday… er… ok. It’s just 5.30am Sunday and I am actually working midnite shift so I cant predict future. But the initial plan was go for movie. Either Shinjuku Incident or Fast and Furious 4. But Khian would need to rush back from Ipoh, Chris got no car, Sam canceled, I oso canceled.

whole fucking week weih. We cant live w/o each other or what?

so many plans everyday and yet, I failed my Project 365. :P

will upload photos later. Office got no Photoshop la. :(

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