Friday, April 3, 2009

its been a long time

since i last drank till i force myself to vomit.

i'm gonna get whole body ache tmrw.

apparently, when i consume alcohol, it flows in my bone, not my blood. hence, the body ache.

and i got massive headache now. but i feel like blogging.

gonna upload pic for project 365 but not now. havent edit.

i got massive headache leh.

wish all of u best of luck getting up for work tmrw. *wonders if anyone will get MC*

im so lucky, im working midnite shift tmrw. i got whole day to sleep.



kenot tahan jor...



Chris Wong said...

what is project 365 r? in office now liaw..slept for an hour den blah to office..hope u have a good rest too!

Asylum_Seeker said...

we no want read words. we want pictures.
*chanting* pictures! pictures!