Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dear Stalker,

Hmmm… u know who u r. I do not need to mention names. *smiles*
But if u don’t, it’s ok.
But if u do… no… It’s not u. U sendiri perasan oni. Terasa? Oh gosh. Siapa makan cili, dia la rasa pedas. *giggles*

Firstly, I would like to thank you for being such a helpful stalker. Reporting my activities in my blog to her. Greatly appreciated.

Oh. And thank u… keep stalking ok? U r bringing more traffic to my blog. *smiles again*
Having what u have done to me previously is really tremendously wonderful. I love it! I love it to the extreme! Oh gosh. Love hate relationship! Wahaha…

And bcos of u, I do not want to accept her back. Bcos, I do not wanna risk my blog being hacked again.

Such great contribution u gave huh? So tell me… r u helping the situation? Or u wanna come out and apologise to me?

P/s : Try hacking again. I wont talk to her anymore. And I AM waiting for your apology.

1 comment:

Big Cow said...

:o wat? i cannot stalk on my small cow anymore? :(

but... but... i didnt tell her leh (errr... who is 'her' ah?)