Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Where you see urself in 5 yrs time?

People always asked me… “where do u see yourself in next 5 years?”, and I would go totally dumbfounded.

Because I’ve been a bummer since I quit college. I remember back then when I was in college, I had the passion to do so many things. I was taking Graphics. But I made up my mind to change to Multimedia because it’s more in depth in Digitals. And I love Digitals.

But no, he said that I’m better off quitting college and start working.

Ever since then, I’m so lost. I’m just a bummer, bumming around. Sure feels good when u work and get to see ur hard earned money in ur hands… but when your mind is so completely blank about ur future. Your hard earned money is nothing.

I don’t know why recently, I felt timid on what I do. Customer service in a call centre. The 1st impression people would think is, “oh… call centre. Answer calls only ma. Easy job what” or when I say work is stressing me out “stress what? You answer calls only what” or “wah… so good. Getting paid by just answering calls”.

Back in college, when I was asked that question, where do I see myself in 5 yrs time? I see myself working with advertising company or some sort like that, working late at night rushing for datelines… in reality, 5 yrs later from college, I’m just a customer service… so what’s the point of thinking what will happen to me in my coming 5 yrs time?

Depression strikes.


yenniedoll said...

why dont u work as a graphic designer?

M-Tequila said...

well, perhaps i do not have luck? sometimes u need luck for everything. bcos all the job that i found all requires skills. and i do not have it yet. :)

frostier said...

luck has nothing to do with it.

some people born with much left to desire. its just the determination that will bring there anywhere.

*'m also speaking for myself*