Saturday, February 28, 2009

bbq-ed car and foam party.

ok. the picture is blurry. so i tried looking for clearer picture, but i found this...

Accident in Federal Highway - The best bloopers are here

a video.

yes. a car, burnt... literally burning. i was there way before the fire brigade came. i think b4 this video was taken, but i was at the other side of direction. even i drove to the furthest lane, i can still feel the heat. and i saw the driver was standing not far from the car and he was like... 'oh shit... what now' look.

on 27 feb 2009, approx 7.30pm to 8pm, a car was burning on federal highway.

please... service ur car on time...

i went home to get my slippers. i forgot to bring my slippers for the FOAM PARTY! hehe...

the party was ok. lots of foam! waiting for the pictures so i can post it up here.

we left that place at 2.30am. then... went stevens at pandan indah until 6.30am. hahaha! it's been a while since i last hang out till 6am! hahahaha! im so happy! hahahahaa!


gonna go get my shower and go out soon. for dinner and movie! :D


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