Sunday, February 22, 2009

2 dogs 1 cat...

In 2 days, I’ve seen 2 dogs and 1 cat… dead.

Seriously, I have no idea how people drive. What? U guys drive blindly?

1st dog
I saw it when I was on the way to work on Friday. I was nicely having a ciggie on my right hand, holding the steering on my left. As I drove along the Federal Highway in the fast lane, which is not fast at all because of the stupid jam every morning, there I saw something brown and red. Yes… it’s a dead dog…

Why? U’re so fucking late for work that made u accidentally hit the dog?!

The cat.
When I was driving, I saw a cat… flat. Yes… FLAT! Meaning, it has cars going over that cat, over and over again. WTF!

The second dog.
When I was on my way home, I went for another spin on the road to smoke another stick as I can’t smoke at home. My beloved granny is home, that’s why. Anyways, I was driving along the road near Sunway Pyramid, also at the fast lane. There it was, brown and red. A dead dog.

Seriously, I have no fucking idea why… or how. No matter how fast I drove, I still manage to notice things. I avoided a few dogs getting hit by me already. Why can’t u? I know it scared the shit out of me when I made that sudden break with screeching tyres. But still, why can’t you!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!!!

I curse u’ll die in an accident for those whoever who hit the dogs and cats. U’ll die just like those dogs and cats with intestines and brains coming out! U bloody useless drivers!

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