Saturday, February 28, 2009

a rainbow and thai thai

i was sending shazzy home that day and i saw a rainbow near her house. she was busy on the phone with lynn, so i helped myself with my camera and snapped the picture of it. 

erm... not very clear... but... will do la. :D

after that, i headed to pyramid and had dinner with Big cow and Water dog at Thai Thai. 

bbq-ed car and foam party.

ystd was fun! :D

my day started out with an outing with Ju to go 1u to get tickets for today's show. Slumdog. :D

after lunch cum tea time, i sent him home and when i was on the way home along federal highway, i saw this.

ok. the picture is blurry. so i tried looking for clearer picture, but i found this...

Accident in Federal Highway - The best bloopers are here

a video.

yes. a car, burnt... literally burning. i was there way before the fire brigade came. i think b4 this video was taken, but i was at the other side of direction. even i drove to the furthest lane, i can still feel the heat. and i saw the driver was standing not far from the car and he was like... 'oh shit... what now' look.

on 27 feb 2009, approx 7.30pm to 8pm, a car was burning on federal highway.

please... service ur car on time...

i went home to get my slippers. i forgot to bring my slippers for the FOAM PARTY! hehe...

the party was ok. lots of foam! waiting for the pictures so i can post it up here.

we left that place at 2.30am. then... went stevens at pandan indah until 6.30am. hahaha! it's been a while since i last hang out till 6am! hahahaha! im so happy! hahahahaa!


gonna go get my shower and go out soon. for dinner and movie! :D


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

freedom and independence

We grow up to make choices in our lives. Well, most of us do. We would always feel afraid that we’ll end up making wrong choices. But if we never made that wrong choice, we would never learn to grow up and appreciate isn’t it? Those who are able to make ur own choices be it wrong or right, please thank God that u have the chance to make YOUR OWN CHOICES.

Please note that this post is not against anyone at all. It’s just simply my thoughts.

So u thought by arranging and choosing the path for your kid meant protecting him/her and u think that they will be happy. Have u ever thought that’s just how YOU THINK? Have u ever thought how THEY THINK? Have u ever sit down and think, are they happy with the decisions you made? Which is more important? Them being happy to do whatever they’re happy with to broaden their knowledge, experiences and mind? Or… YOU being happy having them listening to u like a dog.

So by having them staying in the house all the time meant they’re being good? Having them to be home by 11pm only you consider them as good girl/boy even they’re already above 21 year old?

21 year old, the age to the key of freedom. Unfortunately, some of them do not have that luxury. Yes. I call it luxury.


Because u finally get to experience things that u have always been curious about. Going out with friends, hanging out, enjoying friends company, finally experiencing what is it like being in a club legally(yea. Don’t lie, u definitely sneaked in when u’re 16 or 18!)… the feeling of being legally adult and the experiences being an adult… priceless. Isn’t that luxurious?

So, now that she/he has turned 21… and you still lock them in the house like a bird locked in a cage. Is it fair? Do u remember when u turned 21? How does it feel like? Yes. U’ve been there. Done that. Printed on the T-shirt too. And u think u’ve seen the ugly side so u wanna protect your loved ones from the ugly world? But, is that really how u want them to learn how to be mature and independent?

I’m 23y/o. Going to be 24y/o in Dec. No. I’m not the unlucky one who got locked up with no freedom. I have freedom. Lots of it. It’s unlimited.

I’m actually witnessing a really unreasonable way of handling a kid. No… scratch that. A young adult. 23y/o in Sept.

I have freedom ever since I was 16y/o I fought for it. I used to be like her. Being locked at home. No keys. Even if I hang out at my friends place, strike 5pm, my grandma will go to my friend’s hse and start yelling out for me. Embarrassing. And eventually, kills my confidence. One day, I was at my other friend’s hse. I want to overnight. Without letting my family know. My mom called up to my friend’s hse and we fought over the phone. We then, set a deal. I shall go wherever I like, whatever time and I will be honest letting her know my whereabouts and always letting her know before I go out.

Tho the confidence issue is still in me, from all the shit from school back then. But one thing is as important as confidence. Independence. Yes. U’ll learn to be independent. U stop depending on family so much. U begin to see the world bit by bit. U begin to learn how to be cautious. At the same time, u’ll start to appreciate your family more as u see the ugly side of the society.

Honestly, I don’t think it’s a bad thing. Well, I didn’t turn bad, did I?

On the other hand, my frend. I don’t know the way I elaborate it is right or wrong.

“I’m 23. I shud have my freedom. Why can’t I do things that I’m happy with? I love my friend’s company. I love hanging out. I love having my own life. Why can’t I have that? Why do I need to follow all that she has to say? Why can’t I be like other adults? Why do I have to lie everytime I wanna go out or stay late?”

“Why can’t I be happy?”

In 23 years of her life, she has her sister to make decisions for her. Controlling her telling her what to do and what not to. She should this, she should that. Every single thing has to go her sister’s way. And often, she keep questioning the above.

Her sister often said that, if she do well in her studies, she’ll get what she want.

I see lots of college students party like mad but still pass with flying colors. When things tend to clog up ur brain, u just wanna go out, do not wanna think about anything, relax and have a drink or two to loosen up. But no. she’s not allowed to. She have to stay home after class. How to think when ur brain is so clogged up? Moreover, she is a graphic design student. Shudn’t they be exploring outside more to get ideas and inspirations?

And so her sister said she’ll get what she want when she finishes her studies. But why after finishes her studies? Where by, she is an young adult. She can arrange time on her own to finish her work and college and at the same time enjoy herself? Why make her life miserable by making her like a bird being locked up? She have to lie in order to stay out late or to go out. Why cant you make her life easier so that she won’t lie? She’s not happy either to lie but she has no choice. She is however an young adult with curiousity to explore the new world that she shud be exploring when she turn 21. but she don’t have that chance…

I don’t blame her for lying. Yes. Lying is wrong. But to control a person, is also wrong. They don’t call it ‘a person’ for nothing. A person is like an individual. An individual has their own way of doing things and own way living her life.

How is she ever gonna be independent when she is always depending on family?

I know I shudn’t be judging people’s family matters. But I just cant help it… sighs… I cant think now. Shud stop typing now. This post is way too long. Yes. I can be really long-winded. And so I’ve said. Hahah… ta~

Monday, February 23, 2009

"Sweetest Girl" Acoustic: Wyclef Jean, Niia, & Jerry Wonda

new template once again.

hahahaha... how u guys like my new template? another randomly found template. i like all the stuffs on the top right. as all those stuffs are also my fav sutffs. gadget freak. and the color is so girly~

haha~ anyways. gotta sleep now. see u guys sooo!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Take a bow - Ne-yo

She gave
A round of applause
By a standing novation

I feel so dumb right now
Standing outside her house
Trying to apologizing
'Cause I told quite a few lies
And she found me out
So now I'm saying sorry
'Cause I am
Though it's very clear to me
That she don't give a damn
Got me out her putting on a show
Neighbors laughing at me
I just want her to know
Without her I can't be happy
So I'm putting on a show
I hope it's entertaining
Don't say we're over now
Please let me in the house

She said
"And the award
For the best lie goes to you
For making me believe
That you could be faithful to me
Let's hear your speech now"
She gave a round of applause
Followed by a standing novation

Got me out here
Putting on a show
Neighbors laughing at me
I just want her to know
Without her I can't be happy
So I'm putting on a show
Hope it's entertaining
Don't say we're over now
Please let me in the house

Baby, please
Don't say we're over now

2 dogs 1 cat...

In 2 days, I’ve seen 2 dogs and 1 cat… dead.

Seriously, I have no idea how people drive. What? U guys drive blindly?

1st dog
I saw it when I was on the way to work on Friday. I was nicely having a ciggie on my right hand, holding the steering on my left. As I drove along the Federal Highway in the fast lane, which is not fast at all because of the stupid jam every morning, there I saw something brown and red. Yes… it’s a dead dog…

Why? U’re so fucking late for work that made u accidentally hit the dog?!

The cat.
When I was on my way to pick Ju for dinner today (Saturday). I saw a cat… flat. Yes… FLAT! Meaning, it has cars going over that cat, over and over again. WTF!

The second dog.
After dinner with Ju just now, I sent him home. When I was on my way home, I went for another spin on the road to smoke another stick as I can’t smoke at home. My beloved granny is home, that’s why. Anyways, I was driving along the road near Sunway Pyramid, also at the fast lane. There it was, brown and red. A dead dog.

Seriously, I have no fucking idea why… or how. No matter how fast I drove, I still manage to notice things. I avoided a few dogs getting hit by me already. Why can’t u? I know it scared the shit out of me when I made that sudden break with screeching tyres. But still, why can’t you!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!!!

I curse u’ll die in an accident for those whoever who hit the dogs and cats. U’ll die just like those dogs and cats with intestines and brains coming out! U bloody useless drivers!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ridiculously late post...

A lil update about me. Been neglecting my blog for a while now. I cant update my blog in office anymore. I’ve been kick out to the fault team already. Which is good…

I don’t have to rush to finish up my previous backlog anymore! Yay!

Basically, my job now is answering calls, report to the engineers, and follow up every single case and return call to customers every one hour to keep them updated. At 1st I tot one hour cant do much thing leh. But now I know, in that 1 hour, many things can happen, but yet, unable to solve it in within a day.

It’s really complicated stuffs la. And I shall not elaborate more. Today is my off day! Why am I talking about work? Stupid workaholic bitch… bargh…


The pictures I’m about to post up… it’s ridiculously late. Hehe… it’s from the 1st day of CNY. Hehehe…

As usual we will gather up at my late great-grandma’s place. Although my my great-grandma already passed away. But we still gather up as usual to gamble and what-not… Previous years, my great-grandma is really old and she can’t recognize most of us anymore.

Men at talk...

from left:- 4th uncle, granduncle, eldest uncle.

and the vehicles we took to get to my great grandma's place are... :-

4th uncle's car.
aunt's car.
cousin's car.
3rd uncle's car.

we knew we are gonna be so absolutely bored so we had a mini manicure session... LoL...
Preparing stuffs...

and.... what more can i say? :D

Preparing for dinner...~

aunt amy, cousin tracy, cousin wilson.
aunt amy, cousin swee jin, cousin tracy.
cousin joann.
yes... vain pot joann again. hehe...

cousin wilson...
my fav cousin yet again... joann... lol...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

vday and the next...

had my vday spent in cineleisure and watched The curious case of benjamin button in platinum suite. and boy... it was really comfy. really really comfy...

where we entered...

waiting area

need to check on ur mails? there's internet...

waited too long and thirsty? help urself a drink...

towards another waiting area...

the idiots waiting for the movie to start...

haha! kena molest!
rating 1 to 10. i gave 9.

on vday nite itself i went over to big cow's place to stay over cos we were planning to go for early movie as she got tickets. suppose to watch mayley and me. but... we decided to continue sleeping and fuck the ticket. :D

by the time we woke up, we scratched our head on what to eat. at first big cos wanted to eat sushi king. so we went 1u and at the end we decided to take bbq plaza instead and will take small portion of sushis later on. 

bbq plaza @ 1u

bbq plaza @ 1u

bbq plaza @ 1u

bbq plaza @ 1u

bbq plaza @ 1u

bbq plaza @ 1u

bbq plaza @ 1u

after bbq plaza, we went mph and hang around a while until we decided to go off. 

we came across a newly opened dessert shop. 

it has really nice ambience. 

the dessert is nice. just that, bcos it is sweet, they should serve a small glass of water to each customer. but they didnt. and it is bcos they're new and they have this hong kong style dessert, they only have the name of the dessert in the menu. we thought it's better to have descriptions instead.

rating 1 to 10, we gave it 7. 

big cow heard there's this nice loh mai kai wraped in bun skin in sri petaling, so we drove all the way there to try it out. 

kai wo pau

and seriously...

it's freaking good.

in big cow's language. 

it's fucking good. lol...

rating 1 to 10 i gave 9.5. cos nothing is perfect. big cow gave 8.5. cos she dont like the yolk and too much onion...

from shaz~

this is so random... shaz in mini skirt... peweeeetttt~