Wednesday, January 28, 2009

new car!

yesh yesh... me got a new car~

i know i know. wat the hell am i doing? i shud be blogging about cny now but im actually blogging about my car.

but hey, everyone is blogging about cny, so i shud be blogging something else isnt it? i'll blog about cny later... if... i can remember. :P

after all the long waits and getting angry at the salesguy numerous of times. i finally got my car.

and im in serious deep shit.

i've already started to buy every single thing for my car! i got another thing to shop for now. gosh. previously, its just me. and now, my car. lol...

and no, my ang pau money doesnt help at all.

and i dont know i didnt check my car properly, or the wiper sucks. to. the. max. it fell off. yes! it fell off! gonna send for warranty this coming saturday.


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