Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Dear Late Stephanie...

One of the saddest thing that happened and biggest regret in my life was losing a dear friend.

I knew her when we were in primary school. I was too young back then so I couldn’t remember much. Then until I think about Std 2, she just disappeared. I hear people say that she got transferred to another school.

Years later, I somehow managed to write her a letter or call her, I seriously forgotten how but at the end we keep in touch again.

It was year 1998's Christmas. I received a Christmas card from her. It was awfully early to receive a Christmas card but I was very happy reading her card about her updates and boyfriends, stuffs like that. Along in the envelope was a letter. After reading the card, I was smiling feeling warm to have a friend whom I haven’t been meeting for years actually sent a card to me. Then, I read the letter. And I burst out with tears. I cried till I couldn’t breathe.

The letter was written by her cousin. Telling me that my dear friend is no longer here with us anymore. She fainted one day and the doctor said that her brain was lack of oxygen. She was in a mild coma for a week before she passed away.

Which means, she had prepared to send me that card way earlier.

I was crying like mad and the 1st thing I did was I called my aunt and I was sobbing till my aunt cant even understand what the hell I was talking about. I was crying that after so long, I finally managed to keep in touch with her. After so long, we haven’t meet up and we never did at the end. After so long, I didn’t know what happened to her, why she needed the transfer without saying good bye? Why does she need to leave us at such young age? She’s really sweet… I missed her so dearly until the end we still never meet up…

I still do feel the sour feeling in my heart as I’m typing this.

You will be missed always...

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