Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Bitching mode : On

I’m so sorry. I really feel like bitching now.

I don’t understand…

I really don’t…

Ok. I may sound pretty bitchy in this post. But I just cant help it.


Why people cant understand a simple thing call Comprehensive Resume? It’s something you type yourself. Not just by retrieving from jobstreet and call it ‘MY RESUME’. Are you so well fed till you cant do your own comprehensive resume? Even if you don’t wanna do ur own comprehensive resume, can you just edit the one u retrieved from jobstreet and make it more… your style? It shows your personality leh!

And plus, why cant u just be more… determined about looking for job? Now I’m starting to feel that jobstreet sucks. Everyone is just depending on that source and not willing to try other source! And why they can just retrieve it from jobstreet and not edit it even one bit? Really dependant up to that point?? Is it so damn hard to re-compose one and just drag the infos from jobstreet’s resume?

And for goodness sake… u’re sending ur resume to look for a job leh! Your future rice bowl leh! How can u type things like how u type when u’re chatting?! Yes! I see shortforms everywhere! And and… all small letters! No proper capital letters in front, something like that! Argh!

Why need to depend on jobstreet and newspapers when u can still go through recruiters? More chances of u getting a job, no? bargh!!

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Big Cow said...

sometimes recruiter send u to a lot of stupid interviews that doesnt match your profile one leh... newspaper is good :D