Tuesday, December 23, 2008

X'mas @ office

Warning! Freaking lotsa pictures!!!

Xmas tree in the office... with lotsa presents laying beneath it!

Ta-Da! Close up!

And more pressies! But this, is only for our own team. Oh Yes... I love my team very much.

Team Leaders at work. Decorating for the call centre. But from what I see, they're fooling around! But somehow, festive season it's all about fun, no? :)


GO! Spray like mad!

Taking off what we don't need... and...

And so, during this festive season, the managemant already planned out on a buffet for everyone in our office. 
And to our horror... it's cross-dressing! And boy we had a great laugh. But I have to say, my team, none of the guys have this kinda spirit. sighs... It's only the girls dressing up. OK la. For girls is easier cos pakai shirt and seluar, settle already la. 

Aren't they pretty? The guys from SG and Aus team...

The girls from Billing Dept. 

The Team Leaders...

And... more random pictures...

This is what i got from the gift exchange... Cute eh?  Hehe... :)

Even the punching bag join us and celebrate X'mas... 

Merry Christmas everyone!!

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