Monday, December 29, 2008

BFF - Muacks!

Today, I wanna talk about my journey with 2 life-time friends.

I don’t think I ever talked about them in my blog before. Did i?

*checked back old post, even from my previous blogs…*

Nope. Never…

Lynn n Chris

We met quite randomly back then in primary school. We weren’t from the same class before. At all… Lynn was just staying few houses away from mine while Chris was few rows away.

We started to hang out a lot at each other’s home. Lynn had lots of cats and Chris eventually had one for herself. I was dying to have pets of my own which my grandma didn’t like, so I hung out even more at their place.

I hung out at their place so often till they already know my grandma. Not just them, every single one in the neighborhood knows me and my grandma. Haha… U must be thinking, ‘sure la. U always at their place, sure ur grandma treat them nice wan ma’. Oh… so so wrong of u.

Whenever I’m at one of their place, once strike 5pm, or earlier. My grandma will ‘drop by’ at their house and start screaming for me asking me to go home. It’s really embarrassing u know? I really felt like digging a hole and hide myself and never wanna come out anymore. When I do obey and followed her home, she’ll be screaming n shouting at me while walking home. Famous huh?

There’s once when I was hanging out at Lynn’s, as usual, grandma came to her house and start screaming for me. I really got fed up and refuse to follow. How many times does my dignity need to wash off to the drain like this? To my surprise and lynn’s too, grandma actually climbed over the gate… whoa… that was scary shit!

Anyways, I already start talking about myself eh? Haha… can’t help it. This is what they know about me.

We gave each other names, Lynn was ‘Tin Phor’, Chris was ‘Hao Phor’, and mine was ‘Soh Phor’.
Tin Phor = Crazy Woman
Hao Phor = Vain Woman
Soh Phor = Blur Woman

When we left primary school and stepped in secondary school, me and Lynn grew apart from Chris. Me and Lynn got in the same class while Chris was in different class. The higher standard class, that’s what we called it.

Me and Lynn sat together in Class during Form 1. And we encounter the 1st thing together which is… we met Alvin. Rude but turn out to be a nice guy. Haha… He was instructed by our Form teacher to do something and he had to stopped at our table so we tried to help and the 1st word he greeted us was ‘Fuck’. Me and Lynn looked at each other and our expression was like, ‘What the fuck?’ Hahaha! Priceless.

After school, we always hang out at SS14. Lynn’s KaiMa’s Saloon and the mamak nearby. That’s where she’ll meet her ex… and that’s how I know Kenneth. The 2nd sweetest guy I know after Ju. But things didn’t work out cos I was too clingy I guess.

At one point in Form 4, everyone boycott me. And to my surprise, even Lynn. And she said I was leaving her alone before that. Which made me totally blurred. What I’m glad now is that things are cleared and we’re still as close as before.

During Sec School, Chris was having her group of friends. Me and Lynn was quite pissed at the fact that she could ditch us because of her friends. And at one point me and Lynn decided to leave it as it is. She’ll look for us when she needs us…

So we left school and work part time a while. I was working with Lynn at the same Hang Ten outlet in Subang Parade, which is now closed down. We were really trying to turn the place upside down. We would blast trance music, blast tAtu songs, blast ah beng songs, dimmed the lights till really dimmed… etc… and to our surprise, business was even better! Crowd was better than Giordano which is just opposite. But yeah… Hang Ten is now closed and Giordano is still on going now. :P

After the part-time, I proceed to Limkokwing for Graphic Designing (which I didn’t complete) and Lynn proceed to Taylors for Mass Comm. Chris was in Sunway and wanted to do Law, but me and Lynn didn’t know when was going on with her mind, she ended up with Business courses.

During education in college, Lynn finally met someone in college, who is a girl, and lasted for 2 yrs. And the break up was quite irresponsible of that bitch. That girl took off to Australia, and broke up with Lynn. Lynn was really devastated. The day the girl took off to Australia, I rushed Lynn to KLIA and after sending that girl to the gate, Lynn got in the car and was crying like mad… Chris was practically partying like mad, clubbing clubbing and more clubbing. And yet. Still score with flying colors. Her relationship wise… the guy treated her like dirt. Really no respect for her at all and I’m glad that she got herself out from this nightmare.

Now… we’re in this dog eat dog working world. Chris is in a huge company as HR Specialist, Lynn is with kids creative learning centre as Programme Designer, me with ISP company as Technical Support Exec. Chris is with a guy and she wish she’ll be a housewife soon, that’s what she said. Lynn is with a guy and still wants her own business. Me is with a girl and still sorting out my life.

I like the fact that after all the boycott, all the forgetting, all the nonsense in our lives… we are still now as one family. Treating each other like sisters. Me being the youngest. :D

Love u guys loads… mwahs!

P/s : We don't really take pictures together eh? We really need to snap more pictures together!!!

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