Friday, November 7, 2008

1 month. Counting down.

I’m a 23y/o girl who…

- left SiS for a shitty company

- left shitty company for the best company

- left a 2 yr rship for good

- suffers from short term memory lost (LOL)

- great-grandma passed away this yr (2008) at age 96

- went pulau kapas for vacation

- won and lost like crap in genting for the 1st time T.T

- got rid of online games

- finally sees true colors of her friends

- never travel overseas before

- still stays with grandma

- longs to move out and have a life with a partner

- still spends money like water from the tap

- is full of jealousy

- always throw tantrums worst than a princess

- still feels like cutting

- is stubborn

- is still clueless in life

- needs lots and lots of pampering ^^

- loves anime

- loves gadgets

- needs mints all the time

- can't live without handphone

- is crazy about cows

- wants a dog of her own

- loves green apple

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