Saturday, October 4, 2008

Stupid break-in

(in mandarin)

i stunned... my heart beats damn fast. never in more than 10 yrs staying here has a break-in in my house.

just the day before, the street light wasnt working so i left my house light on, and i got scolded by my grandma that i waste electricity.

now... this happened. sighs...

on the way, i called my aunt see if she have already called the police. and she screamed at me again.

but after some time, my aunt called me again and asked me (nicely) what important things i keep at home. my most precious thing was only my digi cam, my pc and my cash that i wanna pay off my bills. she cant check on my digi cam cos it's too messy, police havent take pictures yet. pc, too big until can be notice that everything is ok... but my money, that was in a white envolope... gone.

lagi la i stunned! i speechless weih. my 1st month salary half of it gone. poof! just like that. T.T

apparently, the police who came and checked on our house was the same police that came when my dearest nothing-better-to-do-fucker did creepy whistles. how did i know when i'm not even at home? my aunt told me, when the police came, he asked for me instead. :D

anyways, the whole proper story was. my aunt came back with my grandma, and my aunt noticed something is weird in my room cos usually my room's light is off. so she kept quiet and went to the kitchen and saw one big hole in the ceiling...

without hesitating, my aunt dragged my grandma out of the house, in case if the burglar is still upstairs (smart move. must learn! if me i sure bodoh bodoh go up d.) so, my aunt quickly called all my uncles and the police as well. my aunt told me when my 4th uncle came with the police, the police was holding the gun, my uncle was still holding a thick stick rushed upstairs to check. fuiyoh! so yao yeng! like drama oni. but i missed it. ishh!

we suspect, after he climbed in, he wanted to open our backdoor so that he can allow his fellow 'friend' come in and help or better access so can move the big electronic stuffs. fortunately, we lost the key for the lock outside. but the inside, he managed to unlock it. notice the middle part that's kinda light. there's a barrier we put it there and he manage to unlock and remove it.

the damage : firstly, my giant piggy bank, worth of 1k. inside was full of 50cents.

korek korek lagi... dun have anything...

my pc room. money in envolope, gone.

my mini piggy bank worth of rm600. inside was full of 50 cents oso. gone.

even my bags oso wanna korek... but my bag rm100 he took! :(

after all the hard work of korek-ing. they went down stairs again... they must be so darn tired, they opened the fridge and took 2 cans of coke to drink. poor burglars cant even finish it, they rushed of (i think they heard my aunt and grandma reached home) . cos when my aunt checked the can tempreture, it's still very cold. (too much forensic heroes drama) but please le. u really think malaysia police will take the DNA to test ah? mimpi la lu. they just came, see see. look look. draw on the floor plan where is messy. where is damaged. snap snap pictures. thats all...

so why did i say that the burglars are stupid?
1, my digital camera could easily earn them rm800, is still with me.
2, my canon printer which i already packed in a nice plastic bag, it's so easy for them to carry, is still here.
3, the Palm PDA is still here.
4, the handphone borrowed to me for my extra line, is still here.
5, my bag worth rm500, is still here.
6, osim uzap mini, is still here
7, the envolope with cash for my bills... IS STILL HERE!
my aunt mistaken with another envolope!!! weeeeeeeeeeee~~!!! i dun have to starve this month!

actually, i suspect it's the whistling fucker who did all these. but it's all my assumptions. but how come both incident are so close to each other?

so all of us were cleaning up everything. all-of-us are me, aunt amy, aunt jane, aunt agnes, aunt vini, cousin tracy, uncle john, uncle derek and of cos my grandma. they still have the mood to joke. and i paling zha dou wan was from aunt jane... "aiyo, this house oni got 2 girls. why all the baju like got 6 daughters in this house wan!"

total damage :
50 cents coin = 1600
roof top fix = unknown
money in bag = 100

total gain :
family reunion
grandma's lesson to be learnt :- MUST ON LIGHTS!

one part, i really thank God that we're not at home at that moment. cos when i was cleaning my pc room, when i lift my shorts, i saw my grandma's chopping knife laying there. all my aunties was saying it's for breaking the piggy bank. yea... true. but when IF someone is really at home? would the chopping knife come in handy? have to chop bbq pork and thank God d. "tong chu wan san"


TNH said...

Maybe they are in a didn't notice your digital cameral..Pda and ect... Anyway.. you are lucky for that..

M-Tequila said...

i dont know about that. my digital camera left on my desk at a very obvious view. impossible they didnt see it.