Wednesday, October 1, 2008


So many things to blog, so little time.

The other day I got a msg from a long time friend in Friendster, asking me how am I and asked if I know that one of the guy in my school already passed away last year.

I got shocked. He was one of the naughtiest guy in my school. Rebellious. Maybe that’s how he put in a deep impression in all of us. In a way, he’s very nice to mix with. A very nice friend. He always carries laughter to our class. Always had his bright smile on his face.

Apparently, he passed away last year’s 13th Oct. Almost a year now, and up till now only I know what happened. I was told that he had heart failure and he already had it a long time ago. Just that nobody knows only his family…

Remon Chang Tze Hon,
May you rest in peace…

Lesson to be learnt : “you’ll never know what’s behind a beautiful smile”

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