Wednesday, October 8, 2008

i *heart* MS Office 2007

My office recently just upgraded my pc MS Office to 2007 version. Previously I used only once. But didn’t really get to molest every part of it. Now that I get to molest every part of it, gosh… it’s so fantastic!

I suddenly realize I really have no life. It’s just work, work, work… other than that, go out for dinner/supper.

But these 3 days will be occupied. Today, me and colleagues will go for dinner at Klang. Then, tmrw will head to gym. Then, Friday will head to colleague’s place to hang out.

Colleagues dun like taking pictures. So no updates on them or how they look like. Haha!

There’s updates on my job scope tho… currently doing task handover. I have done a one-day moderate training by a girl from sg. Via phone n msn. Haha… dem nice. Very challenging. Easy as it may seem but there’s really a lot of things to take note on. And have to be really careful before handing over the task. *sweat*

Now after work d… staring at the pc dunno wat to do. Tempting to finish the task. But feeling really lazy suddenly. Been cracking my head whole day on one customer d. And now… more to come… >.<

Seriously, i do realise im crapping here... i dont know what to do!!!

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