Thursday, September 11, 2008

what the fuck is wrong with chinese guys?

It’s just the 3rd day working in my new company and I’m already complaining about my colleagues. The thing is, I ended up in a batch that consists all males, I’m the only female. I may not be pretty. But hey, I’m still a lady.

Seriously, what’s up with Chinese guys?

No offence to other good Chinese guys.

1st day of work itself I’ve already encounter the suckiness of the Chinese guys in my class. I was at the office early on the 1st day of work, and there’s one guy who is earlier than me. So, me being a smart ass trying to be friendly, said…

Cheesecake(C): Hi… are u here for 1st day training as well?
*without even looking at me
ChineseGuy(CG): Yes
*I was a little offended but try to ignore and try not to be too sensitive.
C : Oh… ok. So u’re here since what time?
*again without looking at me
CG : earlier than you

I was like, what the fuck. Where’s your manners dude? I know I may not be a pretty girl, but hello? U think u good looking and I wanna kau u ah? Main point is, manners!


Lunch time arrives… so I asked ‘hey… where you guys eating?’

No respond.

‘ei… where you guys eating lar?’

Still no respond.

But I still tag along, trying to be friendly and probably they still don’t know me.

While we were eating our food, a girl came. And apparently, 2 of the guys know her as she is the one introduced this job to them, and the girl joined. Well, the girl is an average girl, but of cos, better than me. And then… whole time… the guys only talked to her. I tried getting along. Guys ignored me. The girl talked to me back. But, the guys kept talking to the girl…

Ohhh kay…

Day 2 morning is fine. But lunch, same thing happen, just that the girl didn’t joined. And I’m invisible there…

Day 3, today. Again, morning is fine.

Lunch, I didn’t join them. I ate alone. With a malay boy actually. But now is the fasting month. So yea, I ate along.

After lunch, we have this question given by our trainer and we have discussion on what would be the correct answer.

While discussing and arguing on which is which. One Chinese guy, I shall call him CG2, said something about the one that we came up with. So I questioned, ‘so if you think this is wrong, which u think would be the correct one? Any suggestion?’

In a male’s squeaky voice I heard… ‘which would be the correct one…’

I stoned a while. I was thinking, why? Did my tone of asking went wrong? Was I too blunt? Then, I think. No. I’m not wrong. In a discussion, there’s no correct or wrong answers. All I’m asking for is just a plain suggestion so we have more choice to brain storm on…

I stared cock at him.

So, why do I need to specific said that it’s CHINESE guys treating me like that.

Although my batch supports Hong Kong customers, but there are a few supporting Australian customers in my batch too, who are pure Indian, pure malay and a chindian. And I get along with 3 of them really well. The chindian who sat next to me, we always discuss things. The malay guy, who acc me to lunch didn’t mind me eating in front of him at all. The pure Indian, always offers himself to give me a lift to the nearest LRT station.

Now, they need join back the Australian support team next week. Hopefully, I can survive.

So tell me guys, would u treat ugly girls like that?

And girls, have u encountered with such situation? What would u do?


panda said...

bcoz they are jerks..thts why...
no need to get so worked up, they are simply just like that..

I have had my fair share with these kind of "breed" of chinese guys.

I am NOT saying that all chinese guys are like that but it only takes one bad apple to spoil the rest....

M-Tequila said...

agreed. thats why i rather eat alone at lunch now. :D


Lawrenz L said...

Well.. there are two types of Chinese guys : the Chinese speaking type and the English speaking type..

I personally think those English speaking type are more friendly.. But then, there is always bad apple.. I hope it will get better though..

Baby said...

i wouldn't do that. whether you are pretty or ugly, it doesn't matter. able to get along is better. don't worry. i'm sure you can survive! said...

2 types, chinese ed and the non chinese ed (english speaking ones).. but manners should always be there...

=chuan guan= said...

u just being unlucky...not all chinese guys are tat bad...mayb they r passive..try think positively k? u r going to work for them for..hmm..3 months?

Ai-Ling said...

just hang in there and do what you are supposed to do. i wish that things will be better and they will realise your existence in the office. oh...btw, try not to compare how u look with other girls. remember that we are special & unique in our very own ways:)

the-moody-one said...

too bad...maybe they see u as a competition.
u can join me for lunch lor like dat.hehehe
hope things goes better for you.

M-Tequila said...

thanks. hmmm... i cant really understand their english tho. probably im being too dumb, or their english is too hard to understand.

yeah. still surviving up till now. :)

manners! thats the thing. *scratch head* sighs. is it so hard to understand manners?

chuan guan,
what do u mean by 3 months? *blur*

hey. thanks a lot. well, i always think that way thats why i tried to ignore when he 1st responded me like that. oh well. life goes on. thanks again.

wahahaha... i need to know where u from 1st then oni can go for lunch with u rite? *LMAO*