Saturday, September 20, 2008

New co... Phase 1 - Training

It’s been 2 weeks now since I joined my new company. I remember back then on the 1st day, I tried to run away because I was afraid I can't get along with the guys and the trainer thought us things that I totally never heard before. I called back my job recruitment agent and ask about the other post is it still available, but unfortunately then, it’s already been taken by someone else. But fortunate now, I learnt lots of new things and colleagues are not bad after all…

The 1st week was tough. Really tough. The trainer keep pumping new things into our brains and keep asking us to go out present and review what has been thought and lots of discussion till I actually quite pissed at one of the guys. In the middle of trainings, we do joke around till they even said I’m the macho girl cos I’m the only girl. Sheesh… Overall, training was fun.

The 2nd week arrived. We usually hang out at the pantry before work starts or at the 5th floor of the building cos that’s the only place with food. Others are just far. And I’m lazy to walk. Hehe… Now that we already knew most of the stuffs that was being pumped into our brains, we started even more discussions on how hybrid products looks like and how to apply it to the ticketing system.

Today is the final day of the 2nd week. We are separated into 3 groups and 3 different groups will be majoring different tasks. We still do answer calls, but at the same time, we major our own stuffs. Those majoring works are Planned Activity, Fault Manager and Task Handover.

Although we are called customer service to most people, but our team members are called Incident Managers… sounds good with the ‘manager’? I don’t think so. We manage the incidents. And if the incident screw up and if the client is Microsoft, we’re so dead… T.T

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