Thursday, September 25, 2008

simple update.

life sucks. really...

i've been trying to get a car but the down payment is killing my brains. but for now, kinda solved. i asked the guys in my class to help me out to look for a sales person who can do magic... me now waiting for aunt prepare documentations and then wait for news from my friend.

as for job. getting more n more in love with my job. probably it's because previously i do have the passion in IT, just that i didnt really had a chance to really touch in it. so now, i'm really relieved and blessed. learning as many things as possible now and trying to familiarise it. after that, offer myself to cross trained a few more tasks. more cross training, more chances to get to Team Leader post. and if possible, wanna try to get CCNA cert. it's just 1st month i already think so big! muahahahaha!! next week onwards, my working hours would be graveyard hours. when u see a zombie walking down the street, dun worry. it wont bite. it's just me...

i always have loved this song... and also the anime...

didnt know the singer is actually this cun. *saliva dripping*

Saturday, September 20, 2008

New co... Phase 1 - Training

It’s been 2 weeks now since I joined my new company. I remember back then on the 1st day, I tried to run away because I was afraid I can't get along with the guys and the trainer thought us things that I totally never heard before. I called back my job recruitment agent and ask about the other post is it still available, but unfortunately then, it’s already been taken by someone else. But fortunate now, I learnt lots of new things and colleagues are not bad after all…

The 1st week was tough. Really tough. The trainer keep pumping new things into our brains and keep asking us to go out present and review what has been thought and lots of discussion till I actually quite pissed at one of the guys. In the middle of trainings, we do joke around till they even said I’m the macho girl cos I’m the only girl. Sheesh… Overall, training was fun.

The 2nd week arrived. We usually hang out at the pantry before work starts or at the 5th floor of the building cos that’s the only place with food. Others are just far. And I’m lazy to walk. Hehe… Now that we already knew most of the stuffs that was being pumped into our brains, we started even more discussions on how hybrid products looks like and how to apply it to the ticketing system.

Today is the final day of the 2nd week. We are separated into 3 groups and 3 different groups will be majoring different tasks. We still do answer calls, but at the same time, we major our own stuffs. Those majoring works are Planned Activity, Fault Manager and Task Handover.

Although we are called customer service to most people, but our team members are called Incident Managers… sounds good with the ‘manager’? I don’t think so. We manage the incidents. And if the incident screw up and if the client is Microsoft, we’re so dead… T.T


this is a very random post. i just found 2 pictures in my pc which i think it's hilarious.











my grandma...












when i was like... 3 or 4? i forgot...

Friday, September 19, 2008


i really hate fucked up idiotics with nothing better to do. and i really didnt know this is actually happenning to me.

i just got back home from drinks with my colleagues. and once i got home, i went online. being in this room, my window has no curtain. my grandma lorh... cos behind my house is the kesas highway, so to her, putting up the curtain means dirtying the curtain. so.. yea... no curtain.

so i'm nicely online-ing, chatting and typing complain email...


i hear whistles... creepy whistles... looooong creepy whistles.




he threw stones to my window. i jumped. CCB...

and not just one! a few times.

i ignored. blast my speaker so that i wont hear the whistles anymore.

* louder piang*

another stone.

du kao lan...

i called the police...

the police came in about less than 5 mins. called my h/p to make sure it's the address. so i went down and explain the whole situation...

they went rounding behind my house but kenot find anyone.

chicken... u think i nice to bully ah!?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

what the fuck is wrong with chinese guys?

It’s just the 3rd day working in my new company and I’m already complaining about my colleagues. The thing is, I ended up in a batch that consists all males, I’m the only female. I may not be pretty. But hey, I’m still a lady.

Seriously, what’s up with Chinese guys?

No offence to other good Chinese guys.

1st day of work itself I’ve already encounter the suckiness of the Chinese guys in my class. I was at the office early on the 1st day of work, and there’s one guy who is earlier than me. So, me being a smart ass trying to be friendly, said…

Cheesecake(C): Hi… are u here for 1st day training as well?
*without even looking at me
ChineseGuy(CG): Yes
*I was a little offended but try to ignore and try not to be too sensitive.
C : Oh… ok. So u’re here since what time?
*again without looking at me
CG : earlier than you

I was like, what the fuck. Where’s your manners dude? I know I may not be a pretty girl, but hello? U think u good looking and I wanna kau u ah? Main point is, manners!


Lunch time arrives… so I asked ‘hey… where you guys eating?’

No respond.

‘ei… where you guys eating lar?’

Still no respond.

But I still tag along, trying to be friendly and probably they still don’t know me.

While we were eating our food, a girl came. And apparently, 2 of the guys know her as she is the one introduced this job to them, and the girl joined. Well, the girl is an average girl, but of cos, better than me. And then… whole time… the guys only talked to her. I tried getting along. Guys ignored me. The girl talked to me back. But, the guys kept talking to the girl…

Ohhh kay…

Day 2 morning is fine. But lunch, same thing happen, just that the girl didn’t joined. And I’m invisible there…

Day 3, today. Again, morning is fine.

Lunch, I didn’t join them. I ate alone. With a malay boy actually. But now is the fasting month. So yea, I ate along.

After lunch, we have this question given by our trainer and we have discussion on what would be the correct answer.

While discussing and arguing on which is which. One Chinese guy, I shall call him CG2, said something about the one that we came up with. So I questioned, ‘so if you think this is wrong, which u think would be the correct one? Any suggestion?’

In a male’s squeaky voice I heard… ‘which would be the correct one…’

I stoned a while. I was thinking, why? Did my tone of asking went wrong? Was I too blunt? Then, I think. No. I’m not wrong. In a discussion, there’s no correct or wrong answers. All I’m asking for is just a plain suggestion so we have more choice to brain storm on…

I stared cock at him.

So, why do I need to specific said that it’s CHINESE guys treating me like that.

Although my batch supports Hong Kong customers, but there are a few supporting Australian customers in my batch too, who are pure Indian, pure malay and a chindian. And I get along with 3 of them really well. The chindian who sat next to me, we always discuss things. The malay guy, who acc me to lunch didn’t mind me eating in front of him at all. The pure Indian, always offers himself to give me a lift to the nearest LRT station.

Now, they need join back the Australian support team next week. Hopefully, I can survive.

So tell me guys, would u treat ugly girls like that?

And girls, have u encountered with such situation? What would u do?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

1st day...

1st day of work. As usual, super tiring for me. Cos I kinda not used to the time yet. Before lunch was ok. I still manage to concentrate. After lunch, I kept wanna doze off. Wahahaha…

I got some news. I don’t know it’s suppose to be a good news or a bad one. I am required to work on 24hrs shift. And the company will be moving to Midvalley on November. I’m totally HL d. but I’m still sticking on for the sake of the pay. Sometimes I think, can u stick to a job that u’re sick of but u stay for the sake of the pay? We’ll see how I survive in this company.

Training was ok. The things that they covered made me so damn freaking blur cos I have no freaking idea wat is it. All I know is, there’s something gotta do with the internet, how internet actually works, what are the equipments, what are the ports… yada yada yada…

Since I got the news that it’s gonna be 24 hours shift, I inform TSL n SLS’s bf, both turned it down. Sighs… there goes my side income.

Anyways, gotta get back on facebook now. And gotta hit the sack after that.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

split ends...

i was nicely combing my hair the other day and as usual, long hair always have hair falls. so while i was sweeping the floor, to my horror, i found my hair condition like this...

wa lau... my nightmare. the split end is so so so terrible!
cannot cannot... my 1st pay. 1st thing i HAVE n MUST do is chop my hair n do treatment monthly. yohhh... see my hair like that damn 'kik sim'.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

stupid me

just when i thought my job opportunity is doomed...

the HR manager just called! and YES YES! i'm starting on Monday.



it's end of the day already and no calls regarding the offer letter.

she did call me that i am hired. means i AM hired rite?

starting to get worried...

cant wait

for the fella to call me up and tell me good news on my job.

she said she's gonna call me this week so that i could go over and sign the offer letter.