Sunday, August 10, 2008

wonderful weekend

it's been a wonderful lovely weekend. enjoyed myself very much. ever since i've decided to go on MIA, i did not expect anyone to call me. such peaceful weekend.

but TSL texted me asking where am i. and i text TSK about is there any toy poodle or miniature schnauzer for breeding. and of cos, all the way, whenever my phone rings be it is phone call or text msg, i always expect it's my aunt.

so now, whenever my phone rings, it's either my aunt, HTL, job recruitment agents, and celebrity fitness, i dont know who gave them my number. sighs...

have an interview tmrw. so nervous. tho i have been to numerous of interviews, this time, i'm extra nervous. cos it is the company that i have always wanted. and it's only to the agency! i wonder how would i be when i come face to face to the actually company. *sweats* so dem kan cheong.

and i've been looking up and down for my CV file and my certs for the past 2 weeks, and just now when i dig through my whole study room, i'm only able to find it. and my hands are all covered with dust. ish... dem itchy now. and my nose. *sniffs*

ahhh... wish me luck~ muacks~

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