Monday, August 18, 2008

wish me luck...

went for work out again. my legs muscles are not that painful anymore. now is my upper arm. hehe... i love the pain. i love the pain so much till i wonder wat if next time when i did go regularly and i dun have the pain anymore. how??

but unfortunately, they close early today. they having annual dinner. and they only announced it 30 minutes before they close. so we didnt take our sweet time to bath and just went off.

sat at the mamak with lynn for drinks and talk talk talk. imagine. 8pm talk till 10.45pm. hehe... girls will be girls la. keep talking.

now i'm home. all bathed clean n smooth n feel good bout myself. *pom* tmrw is my interview! *jumps in excitement*

-good impression
-talk properly to sell myself
-just say wat is relevent

wish me luck!

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