Friday, August 22, 2008

streamyx finally

i finally received the streamyx in-a-box package from GDex. but it was few days ago and i was kinda lazy to put it together since i'm still using the maxis broadband. so finally, my butt got itchy so i put it together. but unfortunately the light at the 'link' is still blinking. according to TSK (registered through her), she said if it's still blinking means it's not stable. so i went ahead and call 100 using the home fixed line.

i called total of 3 times and the 1st call i made, i wanted to vomit blood.
it was an indian guy who attended to me. i explained my situation to him front how i connected the cables to how i saw it blinking. and he told me to install the CD. i was like 'huh?' tho i'm not that IT savvy, but if the router is not even showing a stable sign, even if i install the CD, it wont work isnt it??

so, i went ahead and explain again. he didnt even bother to help me to troubleshoot if i did put in any cables wrongly or some sort like that and he insisted that i need to install the CD 1st. so, fine.

i tried installing and damn i was right. it cant even detect the router.

so i called again. this time it was an indian lady to assisted me. and she was right. i was dumb enough to plug in the cables wrongly. *oops*. and i liked the way she handled the situation. very straight forward, very well mannered.

so i went ahead and install my CD. and it got stuck again when it was about to create the dialer.

so i called again, my 3rd attempt. this time it was a malay lady. tho she's a little slow understanding my situation. but when it comes to solution, she's very good. she gave every single detail i need, without me asking.

muahs! love the 2 ladies.

i personally thinks that in order to solve your customer's needs, 1st u need to understand the whole situation. not just kick it away like a ball and taichi-ing troubles away.

the guy for example, it is obvious that he didnt know what i was facing. as an customer service, you should know that if the light is blinking, which means something is wrong with the connection instead of just simple as installing the CD only.

take some time, understand ur customer's needs. need not worry about them getting angry for asking them too detail. cos at the end, it'll be 'pap pap pap. 1 2 3'. all the details are just right in front of them and they'll be very happy with it.

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