Thursday, August 7, 2008

new blog, new life, new beginning...


- ditched my old blog
- ditched my ex
- ditched my job
- ditched my old self

and no... i've not...

- found any job
- found any new purpose in life

it's really been an roller coster ride these 2 yrs. and what happened after i broke up is rather fucked up. like i've said, new life, new blog. so i shudnt be saying things from the past. but all i can say is. sucks.

today wasnt so interesting. went out in the morning to acc JA to her interview. she said it's been a while she's been to an interview so she was afraid and nervous. haha... cute girl. after that headed to my old office to collect my pay cheque and clear up my things. there's a new girl sitting at my desk already. i wonder how long she could stand. she seems like those goody goody type. ahh... not my business anymore. company like that shud might as well hire aunty n uncles to work only cos youngsters just wont survive there. and why uncle n aunties will survive? cos their time is flexible and they can go out in the middle of work to fetch their kids. i've seen how the lady boss treated them, and they still keep this job bcos of the flexibility.

i'm not staying in this kinda company. i dun need flexibility. i need good working environment and people who listens and accepts opinions. what to do.. cinapek company.

after clearing my things, JA sent me home. i wanted to head to parade so i could sit in mph and read books. but then again, i woke up early. so might as well i rest at home.

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