Friday, August 15, 2008


im a messy person. in every way.

messy house.

the only place that is not messy in my house is the living hall n kitchen. which are all downstairs. cos it has to be presentable. but upstairs. believe me. if u say ur place is messy. come see my place, upstairs that is.

i got the feeling to clean it tmrw, but have to meet TSL after her work. so, i do not want to be all tired after all the cleaning.

mental note: IT HAS TO BE CLEANED!!!

i'll post a picture of it on how messy it could be, after i clean it up. before n after photo mar... ngeks.

messy life.

i dont know wat to do with my life. still fixing the puzzle. i dont have any memories these recent yrs. u know what u watched from tv when they said that part of memory is erased because that person doesnt have good experienced in that part thats why they cant recall that part. well, yeah. i think thats me.

i'm scared u know. really. whenever TSL told me about our past like 'oh. remeber when we yada yada yada?' and i will go. 'no, i dont remember. oh really?'. or when TJL told me we have watched a show at the actors studio before. or how we celebrated his 19th bday. it's scary. and now when HTL asked me if i know that someone from the call centre, my head went blank. i know i heard of that name somewhere, but... how i know her/him?

when i try to recall some certain things, i only have pieces of it. everything is so blur.

gosh... i better end here. i feel like crying again.

but before i do, happy things did happen to me.

like i said, my cheque cleared. done my online assessment. got another interview from the company i wanted. *screams' YAY!'* facial on saturday. getting streamyx very soon.

ahh.. happy things are coming back to me. i wonder where's the good feng shui from. another sagi, which is also an ox is getting her luck back too. call me superstitious but i really wonder was it the sagi part, or the ox part.

and oh!!!

i'm officially addicted with FaceBook.

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