Monday, August 25, 2008

interview whole damn day

Yea… the title sound ridiculous rite? Its true lorh. I really interview whole day. And it’s my 1st time interview whole damn day. Tiring leh…

Today my actual plan was…

9am for 1st interview, then 12pm another interview. Head home, rest a while den go work out.


After my 1st interview, another company called. So since I was in KL, mind as well go finish all my interviews. So, that interview was quite flexible. He said after I settle all oni give him a call.

So I settle my 2 interviews and gave him a call, and he told me to meet him at 2.30pm.

Went in at 2.30pm. 1st he interviewed me for the position of telemarketer. And he actually gave me chance to choose between telemarketer or customer service. I hate selling things so I choose customer service instead. So he called the person from customer service department to interview me instead.

The interview was fun. I saw him circling mostly 4.5 points. It was range of 1 to 5. yay! I love to go interviews when I’m sleepy. Cos I tend to talk a lot when I’m sleepy. Hehehe… weird huh? After being questioned by him. He told me to wait for a moment, as he wanted me to proceed being interviewed by the manager level instead.

*tick tock tick tock*

Den went interview with the managerial levels. It went well too. Yay yay! Den they ask me to wait again cos they need to discuss if I’m suitable. Then the guy came up to me, ask to wait a while, so he could contact the senior manager level for another interview. Bah…. So many levels geh… about 10 mins later, he came up to me again and said the senior manager went out to meet her client. So I don’t need to wait anymore. But will call me again tmrw and if possible, I need to go back there either tmrw or Wednesday.

It was already 5.30pm when everything is done. 2.30pm till 5.30pm. whole 3 hours… siao!

Done lots of walking today, plus it was kinda late d, so… gym canceled! Wahahaha… ei… no kidding lorh. Kenot feel my legs d.

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