Saturday, August 16, 2008


i noticed i've changed.

i used to be a person who discuss things. explain things in detail. make them understand something clearly.

but now...

i refuse to explain things anymore.

why explain when people would think that i'm just giving excuse? just sit n watch me. dont expect me to explain things anymore.

and when people just shoot things at me. i feel hurt. don't u understand me well enough that it was the past? do i need to explain more on why is it like that and now is different? do u even have brains to think that i am actually a human with mistakes from the past too? even if i explain, would u think that it's just an excuse?

so now... would u still want me to explain things and make myself like a helpless bitch who only keeps giving excuses? or would u rather keep me this way and keep watching me change? if so... explain to me why...

now, i rather keep things to myself. even it exceeds my own bloody limit. i'll definitely find my way to get rid of things other than slitting my thighs.

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