Tuesday, August 12, 2008

dumb and brainless people...

they shud just stay away from me. really... before they shorten my life by few years.

i couldnt believe it i actually used to be on a relationship with her and she's so fucking dumb!!

last week, i already told her that i'm becoming anti social. i DO NOT want to trust anyone. i DO NOT wanna keep in touch with any of my hypocrite friends. which i also told her who is who n why is why n wat is wat n how is how... blah blah blah... i told her every single detail on why am i becoming anti social!

but no... she dun get it. she still come and pm my in msn asking me that. 'hey, aaaaa's bday is coming, wanna celebrate with her?' i replied no, am not interested and i dun bother.


'oh. haha. ok. so did aaaaa's call u out for drinks?'


the weather is enough hot, my house have no peace! dun add fire on me already!!!

i ignored her.

should i add her in my anti social list as well?

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