Tuesday, August 26, 2008

2nd chances are bullshit

There’s no such thing as 2nd chance. Why am I so dumb to give my exs 2nd chances whenever they did something wrong?

The agency called me today, regarding my interview with my ex company that I really wish to joined back.

I failed. They rejected me.

All I’m asking for is just another chance to serve the company once more and change my fucking working ethics. And I dun even deserve that chance at all.

Tho I was aware that my records are bad 3 yrs back. And I am well prepared that I might get rejected. But when I got the call, my heart shattered. I cried so hard. Why? Why can’t they just give another chance? They could just fire me if I really didn’t perform. I rather have them to fire me if I didn’t perform rather not giving me any chance to perform.

I’m even crying when typing this.

Michelle… michelle… u look so stupid for crying over some company rejected you… but I couldn’t help it. Just as stupid as, I already know I got bad records, and yet I’m still sending myself in to get rejected. Stupid huh?

If I’m not determined to change myself, why should I be sending myself in to get rejected?

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